Pricing, Packages & Options for the Impressions Party Band, Kent

Packages & Options

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Prices for functions such as Weddings, Corporate Events and Anniversary Parties are always by negotiation but, as a guide, our standard price is £995 assuming a 5 piece band, 6pm set up, midnight finish and reasonable geographical location. However if we can set up a bit later, or if the event is not on a Friday or Saturday, or maybe is out of season, we are happy to discuss lower rates. Conversely, if you need us to set up earlier, finish later or travel further, the price is likely to rise. If this guide price is within your budget, please call to discuss details and, subject to availability, we will make a firm offer with no surprises!

NB - We do not charge VAT

Below you will find an overview of some options the Impressions Party Band offers:

Party Band

4 piece, male vocals, from £695.
5 piece, male & female vocals from £845
For those occasions when the house is ready to rock as soon as possible, this is our standard set.

Ready to go when you are we usually play 2 x 1 hour sets (with a couple of extra monster hits at the end of course). We normally like to take just a short refreshment break during which your DJ or our Disco will keep the music going - or perhaps you need to schedule a few announcements / speeches or whatever.

Party Band with Warm Up

4 piece, male vocals, from £695.
5 piece, male & female vocals from £845
This unique package sets the mood with a 40 minute ‘unplugged’ set followed later with a 80 minute full-on party set with NO breaks

Have you ever been to an event where the band crashes into your after-dinner coffee conversation before the party has really begun? It’s a common scenario which drives your guests to the bar - not because the band is bad but because the timing is wrong!

This package avoids that problem. Once dinner is finished or whilst your evening guests are settling in, we perform a 40 minute set of popular, danceable songs but in a relaxed ‘unplugged’ style. Those who wish to can dance along, whilst those who prefer conversation can chat happily with a great musical ambience that doesn’t overpower.

We then take a break - perhaps coinciding with an evening buffet, cake cutting, presentation or other event. This break may well be up to an hour long.

On our return, it’s like having a different band… it’s non stop PARTY time for 1 hour 20 minutes. And of course our disco is available afterwards.

Unplugged Party Band

4 piece, male vocals, from £695.
5 piece, male & female vocals from £845
Our unplugged band is ideal for events that are a little more low-key or in venues with a sound limiter fitted.

You still get the full band, uptempo dance tunes and a lively performance - however we keep the volume down by using special ‘hot-rod’ drum sticks and more acoustic instruments

Dedicated DJ / Sound & Light Engineer

Approx £150 - subject to availability
For just £150 we can supply a dedicated DJ who is also the sound and lighting engineer for the band. This is highly recommended because:

  • The evening will flow much better, no awkward gaps when the band takes a break
  • Any announcements taken care of
  • Disco requests taken at any time
  • The band’s sound is properly balanced at all times - hard to do when you’re performing
  • The lighting is better controlled and not just left in auto mode

Horn Section

For the full on party band we can add a 2 piece (from £300) or 3 piece (from £400) Horn Section - a fantastic addition when the emphasis is on funk and disco. As our horn players are freelance it is advisable to book them early. We don’t usually recommend a horn section for the unplugged band where volume levels are critical.


Ayca Wilson, Meridian Hall, East Grinstead
“Thank you guys for an amazing evening – we both had a blast”
Marylyn, Medway Hospital Annual Ball, Leeds Castle, Kent
“I just wanted to say thanks to you and your band members, for a fantastic performance on Friday! Everybody has been saying what a good time they had on the night, and how much they enjoyed the songs you chose so I just wanted to let you know we all really appreciated it!”
“Sarah & Lee, Elvey Farm, Kent”
You guys were FAB!