Video & Photos of the Impressions Party Band, Canterbury, Kent


Rather than a glossy video where we mime to a pre-recorded track, we thought that some real live clips taken on the trusty iPhone would be better. No clever editing just raw footage as it is.

Currently, these videos do not automatically stop when another is played. Please stop them manually.
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Loveshack…I feel Good…Dance the Night Away…Valerie

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Le Freak…Boogie Oogie Oogie…Good Times…Happy…Get Lucky

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Mr Brightside..Sex on Fire..I’m a Believer..500 Miles..Summer of ‘69

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Superstition…Relight My Fire


We have a fantastic family of top musicians who love to play and love to party. On this page you can meet the core band and meet the dep's too. We have a pool of musicians who play together regularly. As a result our dep musicians (or stand-ins) are guaranteed to know 90% of our set without relying on charts and scores all evening - much better visually.

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Alex, Jeff & Cat
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Lenny, Alex & Gebbie
East Grinstead
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Cat, Ray & Lenny
Mount Ephraim
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Gebby, Chris & Lenny’s backs!
Private Marquee, Maidstone
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Alex, Jeff, Cat, Neil, Lenny
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Lenny, Alex, Sophie
Private Marquee, Cobham, Surrey
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Lenny, Alex
Cobham, Surrey
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Neil, Lenny
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Canterbury Beer Festival
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Chris, Sophie & Guests! Maidstone
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Chris, Canterbury
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Alex, Lenny
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Neil, Jeff, Sophie, Lenny, Alex
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Sophie, Moll
Leeds Castle
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Canterbury Beer Festival Montage
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Lenny, Alex, Sophie, Dan, Neil
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Lenny, Alex, Sophie, Neil


Eagle House School fund-raiser, Highclere Castle
"The Impressions were perfect. Thank you"....Fantastic to hear a function band that can REALLY play!
Jon and Sarah, The Secret Garden, Mersham le Hatch
Thank you so much for performing at our wedding. We had such a fantastic evening! Everyone said what a great band you are and were really impressed with your sets. Our dance floor was packed all night, you created exactly what we dreamt it would be!!! Thanks once again and we will be giving our full recommendation to any family and friends with upcoming parties!!
Priya, Lympne Castle, Kent
Many thanks for everything. Everyone was very impressed with the music.