Technical Requirements - Impressions Party Band

Technical Requirements

We are happy to discuss any of these requirements with you in person but just so you know there are some requirements that need to be met:

Performance Space

An ideal space for the 5 piece band is around 15’ width x 8’ depth. We do however frequently fit into larger and smaller spaces as well as odd shaped areas! Do bear in mind that space is important - drum kits in particular take a lot of space, No band will enjoy being cramped.

Needless to say any enlargement to the band e.g. backing singers or brass section


Ideally 2 independent power circuits, one to the left of the stage and one to the right. Fortunately our lighting is super-bright LED and uses very little power so electrical supply is not as critical as it used to be. However, if your event is say in a marquee with catering, band, disco and lights all running of one circuit - expect problems! If you have any uncertainty, please just ask and we will sort with the venue.

Sound Limiters

Sound limiters are highly inconsistent - some present little whilst others are a nightmare not just for live bands but for DJs also. Please advise if the venue has a sound limiter and we will investigate further if the venue is new to us. For venues we know, we will let you know what effect the sound limiter will have. if you are unsure, we are happy to check with the venue directly.


Really just 2 requests here:

1) Somewhere private to change, sit, chat and generally get ready - if it can be secure so much the better.
2) Provision of light refreshments. Particularly important when setting up sometime before performing.