Equipment - the Impressions Party Band


If you are a sound engineer or musician you may be interested in the equipment we use:

PA System

2,400 Watt Yamaha DXS / DXR Active PA comprising:

2 x 15” DXS subs
2 x 12” DXR tops
Assorted DXR 12” and 10” tops used as monitors - these match the tops and double as spares for front-of-house should either of the tops malfunction

We normally use a Soundcraft Signature Series desk

As can be seen, the tops are pole mounted from the subs - far safer than having larger tops on a tripod stand which are easily tripped over by merry guests!

Active v Passive
These Active speakers have a class D power amp built-in to each unit and are mains powered. The great advantage of active systems is that each component part is self contained. With a passive system, if the amplifier blows nothing works. With Active, one amplifier failure still leaves you with everything else.
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For most functions we have a pair of Equinox Gigabit Mk11 COB lights and supplement this with 3 individual spots. All lighting is hi power LED and uses very little electricity.

We can also utilise these lights for the dance floor if providing a disco
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Len typically uses 2 keyboards:

- Korg Krome 73
- Roland FA-06

These are on a Spider Pro centre console stand with built in mic stand and iPad controller - very neat and great in smaller spaces

He also has a vintage Roland XP-80.


Chris typically uses a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul with either a Marshall anniversary or Blackstar amplification. Jez prefers a fender telecaster with a Kemper profiling module and a pair of Fender Hot Rod 4 combos.


Ray & Freddie have a range of bass guitars including Fender and custom built models. Amp's are generally Mark One or Ampeg.