Sample Contract - the Impressions Party Band


We take our responsibility and commitment to your event very seriously, and every event we perform at is covered by a detailed contract.

The contract is designed to eliminate any potential misunderstandings, ensure both parties are aware of their responsibilities and clear about what happens in the event of any problems. The main points covered are summarised below and the final document will be customised according to verbal agreements made.

Summary of main contractual topics

Date & Time
Clear statement of event date, set up time, performance length and finish time.
Fees & Extras
Clear statement of our performance fee, deposit terms, and any extras such as travel, accommodation, refreshments etc.
Our Commitment
Clear statement of our firm commitment to performing at your event irrespective of other offers that may arise.
Dress Code
Clear statement of any dress code required for your event.
Our Demeanour
Clear statement of our responsibility to be professional, courteous, flexible and to enter into the spirit of the event.
Venue obligations
Clear statement of any agreement reached in respect of performance area, electrical supply, noise limiters, access, private area for band and more.
Guest Behaviour
Clear statement of issues around any unacceptable guest behaviour.
Cancellations & Re-scheduling
Clear statement of liabilities in the event of either party cancelling or re-scheduling.
Deputy Performers (Dep’s)
Clear statement of our policy should any performer become unavailable due to illness etc.
Preventative Measures
A clear statement of steps we take to avoid problems which could lead to cancellation